3 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement


3 Tips to Improve Instagram Engagement

Ohhh, Instagram. The social platform we love so much and get so confused by at the same time. Maybe you’re posting, but you’re not seeing the engagement you’d hoped for.

Anyone can improve their Instagram engagement, even if you don’t have a massive following. We’re about to talk about a few ways you can jump right into action, improve your Instagram engagement, and connect on a personal level with other people on the platform.


Are you wondering how to improve your Instagram engagement without having 14K followers? Or feel like it’s probably impossible? Maybe you’re wondering why on earth your engagement is down.


Before you get discouraged because your IG engagement is down, let’s take a look at some ways that you can improve your engagement on Instagram!

Improve Instagram Engagement

1. Add VALUE Consistently

What kinds of things are you posting about? Are you showing up and immediately wanting them to buy something from you? Don’t get me wrong, social media is a powerful platform for sales, but you have to go about it a different way than you did even just 5 years ago. 

Your audience doesn’t like the in-your-face, “this is why I want you to buy this” type of post. They can see right through it. It’s not about them- it’s about you

I’ve always heard the word “value” thrown around, but never quite understood what it meant. As my friend Shelby so wonderfully stated in her IG stories a few days ago (SEE! Value, people!)- Adding value is when you make intentional decisions to enhance someone else’s life for FREE. 

If you have ONE follower, you have influence. Show up for them. Provide helpful content.

Teach them something.

  • What seems like common sense to you is MIND BLOWING to someone else.
  • What can you write to love + serve your audience?
    • Skincare tips, mindset hacks, haircare advice, which supplements to take/avoid, why you love your vacuum (people LOVE this kind of stuff!)
Improve Instagram Engagement

Post about things people care about.

  • They want to get to know YOU as a person. They don’t want to see 30 flat lays of the products you sell. They want to know what your life is like. (even if you feel like it’s too boring to talk about)

STOP talking about you, and start talking about them!

  • How can you encourage THEM? How can you help THEM? What’s in it for THEM
  • If you are talking about a product in your post (which again, you totally should!) don’t tell them the 5 reasons YOU love this product. Tell them the 5 reasons THEY will love this product.
Improve Instagram Engagement

2. Engage With Others

If you want other people to engage with your posts, you have to make sure you’re engaging with other people (and providing valuable content, of course).

Here are some easy ways you can engage with other people on Insta!

Improve Instagram Engagement

Leave Meaningful Comments

Would you rather receive a comment saying “OMG YAS” or “You’re SO right! I love your positive mindset! Thank you for the reminder!”?

The same goes for which comment would make you feel more confident? “Cute shirt!” or “I absolutely love that shirt! The color really makes your eyes pop!”?

Yeah, me too!

Comment on posts + reply to stories before and after you post

  • 10 minutes before you post + 10 minutes after you post, engage with other people’s content.
  • You’re already on the platform and ready to post, so why not take advantage of the time and talk to people while you’re there?!
  • This is working smarter, not harder, my friend!

Reply to stories. Start conversations.

Get in their inbox!!! Use the same framework about meaningful comments and apply them to story replies! Ask questions that will allow you to continue the conversation. You don’t have to have a deep philosophical conversation every time. And keep in mind- questions with yes/no answers aren’t going to keep that convo moving, sister!

Mention others in comments on posts you think they’d be interested in

This gets other people on the platform engaging with you, but make sure you keep the posts you’re tagging people in RELEVANT! There’s no reason to tag your BFF in a post about business + mindset if that’s not something she’s interested in.

Improve Instagram Engagement

3. Your Photos Are Important!

Photos are what IG is all about. If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, you have to have pretty photos. 

Your pictures are what draws people in. Your content is what makes them stay. 

You don’t have to put all your focus on “the grid”- your focus really should be on creating valuable content, BUT your pictures do play a role.

Show your face!

  • This counts for stories AND your feed.
  • Once I started showing up in videos on my stories, my sales grew exponentially.
  • You’ll get more comfortable with this as you do it. Your first few videos may be totally cringy. That’s okay! You’re still showing up. And your next video will be better. And the next one will too. 
  • Dark + blurry pictures aren’t appealing and won’t grab attention and make anyone want to read your valuable caption
Network Marketing Blogger
  • Take pictures of yourself. Grab a ring light and have a little photoshoot in your kitchen, living room, backyard, wherever! 
  • Take a TON of pictures. Don’t delete any of them- you may be surprised how much you like some of them the next day. 
  • Laugh at yourself. Those pictures turn out the best.
  • Make sure you check out this blog post + download the Top 5 Tools for Content Creators (Using Just Your iPhone)

NOTE: For all my numbers lovers out there, make sure your Instagram is a business account so you can track your analytics + reach in the app! This can also give you a good idea about what content your followers are loving and what they can live without.

Social media for your business doesn’t have to be scary! The dreaded algorithm doesn’t have to be in the front of your mind at all times.

If you’re showing up, engaging with others, and providing value to your audience, the algorithm can be your friend. 

You don’t need a massive following to have meaningful connections and engagement with your audience. Commit to improving your IG habits for the next 6 months and see how your engagement improves!

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase something using these links, I will receive a small commission.


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Improve Instagram Engagement

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