Utilizing Instagram Reels for Your Business


Utilizing Instagram Reels for Your Business

If you’re anything like me, you wish you’d invested in Tiktok stock before quarantine started!!

Not too far behind, Instagram dropped its version of the short-form videos and we were shook!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when some shiny, new feature gets rolled out on social media? Yeah, me too.

After you read this article, you’ll feel more excited + equipped for Instagram Reels because you’ll learn how to utilize Reels to grow your business! Let’s get started!

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a fun new way to create videos on Instagram up to 30 seconds long! The purpose is for you to share fun + engaging content with your audience. Think of it kind of like stories that can stay on your grid for longer than 24 hours. 

They’re just like Tiktok videos but on the ‘gram. They’re a fun way to connect with your audience and showcase your business + products in a new way! From dance challenges to educating your audience about what your business is + isn’t about, Reels is the BEST way to create content right now

Great, but how do I make them?!

There are a couple of different ways to make reels.

First, you can record and edit right there in IG. OR you can edit the videos you want to use inside my favorite app- Videoshop- then add the text in while you’re in Insta (more on why you should do it this way coming up)!

Instagram Reels
Step 1
Instagram Reels
Step 2

When you’re in IG, tap on the camera in the upper left corner like you want to make a story. Then on the bottom of the screen, you’ll see LIVE, STORY, or REELS. Tap Reels.

Instagram Reels
Step 3

If you record in a different app like Videoshop, you’ll just need to tap on the image icon in the lower-left corner and select your video. 

After your video is uploaded, tap the white checkmark on the bottom right. Your video is going to look like it’s disappearing, but no worries- I promise it’s still there. Just tap on the arrow to the right of the record symbol.

Instagram Reels
Step 4
Utilizing Instagram Reels For Your Business
Step 5

This is where you’ll edit your text for your video! Tap anywhere on the screen to start typing. Do this as many times as you want until everything you wanted to type is on the video and placed where you want it. 

To change the timing, all you have to do is tap on whichever text you want to edit at the bottom of the screen and move the slider for what times in the video you want the text to be present. 

After you’ve got your timing just right, tap the white arrow in the bottom right corner. 

Write a caption, choose whether to share it to your feed, and share!

Utilizing Instagram Reels For Your Business
Step 6
Instagram Reels
Step 7
Utilizing Instagram Reels For Your Business
Step 8
Utilizing Instagram Reels For Your Business
Step 9

Instagram Reels vs. Tiktok

Each platform favors content that’s made inside the app, meaning more people will see your video if you edit it in the app. I’ve found that video editing isn’t quite as easy as I’d like inside both apps, so I use Videoshop to edit my videos, but I add text within IG or Tiktok. That way, the platform thinks I created it within the app. Win/win!

You cannnn create your reels inside Tiktok then post them to Instagram Reels, but again, IG isn’t going to favor it quite as much. Plus, you’ll have Tiktok’s big ole logo on your video and it’s not super cute.

To read a little more about my favorite apps for content creation, check out this blog post!

"I don’t have any ideas for reels I could make!"

I totally understand! I also want to make sure my content is valuable to my audience! One of my favorite ways to come up with ideas is by watching other people’s reels. Pro-tip: You can save them on Instagram to a folder so that you can go back and watch them later when you need a little inspiration. Do this when you find a song or audio clip you want to use later!

Check out this blog post for more ideas on how to brain dump content ideas here!

Instagram Reels

Why do I need to be using reels to grow my business?

Instagram Reels are a completely different way to get eyes onto your business. You can use them to educate your audience on something, promote your products, and teach them something about your business. They want to see you as the expert in what you do. 

Let’s be honest, a lot of posts in the Social Selling world are copy + paste. People see right through it. They know those words aren’t authentically you. With Reels, you show up as yourself! They know that you’re the one taking the time to create it, so you obviously know what you’re talking about, right?!

Improve Instagram Engagement

Social media platforms tend to favor people who embrace new content formats, like Reels. In other words, people who are doing Reels are getting more engagement and being seen by more people than those who aren’t creating Reels. 

Video is more intriguing to people. Our attention spans aren’t very long. If you’re like me, you’d much rather watch a 30-second video of your friend acting like a goofball than read a caption about it.

Lastly, Reels give your audience more of a look into who you are as a person. It’s not about the highlights and pretty pictures. It’s real. (See what I did there…? Ba dum tssssss).


Bonus tip: On average, Reels get more views than other types of posts on IG. Just like with regular posts on your grid, use hashtags to reach more people. Make sure your hashtags are relevant to the content in your Reel (using irrelevant hashtags is spammy and can actually cause the hashtag to be banned). Use all 30 hashtags you’re allotted to increase those views! 

New social features don’t have to be scary. Utilizing them is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and increase your chances of being seen by your audience. That’s what we business owners aim for, isn’t it? Now that you’re equipped with the tools you need, go make that Reel! 

I want to see it! 

When you post your next Reel, tag @wsrobinson_

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase something using these links, I will receive a small commission.



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