Resolutions You’ll Keep In 2021


Resolutions You’ll Keep In 2021

And just like that, the most ridiculous year of the majority of our lives is coming to an end. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’re all ready for a clean slate. #newyearnewme right?! While we obviously won’t be leaving everything from 2020 behind us, ringing in 2021 means a light of hope for so many people and for so many different reasons. That being said, ringing in a new year also means new goals and resolutions.

Have you made New Year’s Resolutions before? Are you like me and tend to make the same ones over and over because you can’t seem to stick to them?? Most of us set goals around the same general topics- getting organized, nutrition + weight loss, and sticking to your shiny new planner.

To help you be successful with your goals for the new year, I’ve gotten together with a few of my amazing friends to bring you tips to make 2021 your best year yet!

Let’s jump right in!

Goal Setting

With the New Year just a few days away, we’re all setting new goals. Whether it’s nutrition, working out, getting organized, or whatever your new resolution may be-the way you set your goals can really shift your mindset on accomplishing your goals.

Have you ever set a goal to do something and somehow you always seem to fall short? You lost 7 pounds instead of 10. You ate out way more than you said you would. You didn’t quite bring in as much money as you were planning for your business. How does that make you feel? If you’re anything like me, it’s really disheartening and makes you want to quit. This is why a lot of people don’t like setting goals in the first place.

Well, friend- the good news is that it doesn’t have to be like that this year! There’s another way you can create your goals to make you more likely to accomplish them.

Make your goals action-oriented instead of results-oriented. Make them about things you can control. Things you can take action on. Things you, or someone else, can hold you accountable for.

Instead of saying you’re going to lose 15 pounds, create your goal around what you’re going to do to make that weight loss happen! Maybe it’s working out a certain number of hours a week. Maybe it’s meal prepping every week. When your goals are focused on actions, you put yourself in control. You’re the one making the magic happen.


Are you someone who buys a new planner every year? This is the year that you’re finally going to use it!! That beautiful, shiny new planner makes its way to its new home, and then what…?

Then it sits on the counter for the rest of the year.

That used to happen to me because whatever planner I found just wasn’t quite right for what I needed. Then I found the Day Designer planner! I’m not going to give you all the details (because I did that in THIS blog post), but this might be just the planner you’re looking for! It’s a daily planner with space to schedule things hourly and plenty of room for your to-do list for each day!

You can check out the planners HERE!


My friend Katrina Gramse is the organization queen! As a wife and mom New Years Resolutionsof two young kiddos, she totally understands how important being organized can be to creating a home and life that’s full of contentment and opportunity! She’s all about creating living systems that support a busy life and also leave room for change to keep her and her family organized and eliminate chaos through every season of life! I’m so excited to implement these tips from Katrina in my home!

If the chaos of 2020 has left you wanting more order and less clutter in your life, you’re not alone! Becoming more organized is a very popular goal for New Year’s resolutions, whether you’ve been spending most of the year at home or not. Here are some tips to streamlining your stuff, and your life, without losing your sanity in the process.

Start Small and Make a Plan 

Starting your organizing journey by clearing out 10 years’ worth of stuff from the garage or basement is a recipe for disaster! If your whole home needs an organization overhaul, then you’ll want to start small and work your way up.

Make a list of areas that need work, starting with small spaces like a drawer or coat closet, then work your way up to complex projects like the pantry and toy room.

This is a popular piece of advice, but it’s worth repeating. When it comes to deciding what to keep and what to toss or donate, anything that you haven’t worn or used in the last six months can probably get the boot (there are some exceptions; things like the gravy boat you only use at Thanksgiving can slide on this one).

Not sure if you will miss something once it’s gone? Try putting it away somewhere you won’t see it. Then set a reminder on your phone to bring it back out in a month. If you haven’t thought about it until your phone reminded you of its existence, then it can go.

Be Flexible  

Make peace with the fact that it may take more than one attempt to get things organized in a way that is sustainable for you and those you live with. Perhaps your categories for sorting belongings were too specific, or the containers you used weren’t suitable for storing its contents, or you didn’t leave enough room for new purchases. Don’t let that discourage you! Being organized is about creating a system that enables you to live a life with less stress and more time to enjoy the things you want to be doing, not about color coding your kid’s sock drawer.

If your first attempt wasn’t the right fit, be ok with tweaking it to a level of organization that you can sustain longer than a week.

Clearing the clutter and designating space for your things in your home really can bring peace and energy back into your life. It is possible to spend more time enjoying that new crafting hobby you picked up and less time searching for that pack of toilet paper you saved back in April, if you can make a plan to build upon your organizing skills and create a system that you can maintain through the new year and beyond.



Oof. Did you get chills when you read that word? Me too, sis. Me too.

New Years ResolutionsThankfully, there are angels walking among us that love this stuff! One of those happens to be one of my best friends, Taylor Murphy! Taylor is a CPA that specializes in taxes (and is currently working on some really special stuff for all of you business owners out there, so make sure to give her a follow on IG!). Here’s what she’s got to say about decreasing stress in the new year when it comes to your taxes!


Start getting ready for tax season NOW!

It is never too early to start preparing for your taxes. Get your information organized. Make sure that you have all of your income and expenses for the year saved in one place. This can be an envelope on your desk or a file on your desktop. There are actually several reasons why having this information organized and ready early in the year will actually save you a ton of stress!

  • You’ll get your refund sooner (assuming you’re getting a refund)- The longer you wait, the longer it’ll take to get your refund because you’ll be grouped in with the rest of the people that procrastinated!
  • If you owe money, you’ll have extra time to save. – If you think you’ll owe money this year, go ahead and file early! You actually have until April 15th to pay your tax due (with no penalties!).
  • You’re less likely to have your identity stolen. – Unfortunately, there are some crazies that use social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns to get refunds from the IRS. This means you’d be out money and/or be in a ton of trouble with the IRS.
  • You’ll have more time to get help with your return. – Things change throughout the year. Maybe you bought a house, had a baby, got married, started a business, etc. All of these things have an effect on your taxes. If you wait until the last minute and you get stuck on something, you can’t really get help in time.
  • You can avoid filing an amended return. – If your income info is wrong and you have to file an amended return, you’ll actually stand out more to the IRS and have a higher chance of getting audited.

Business Owners, Listen Up!

Take a look at how your business did this year. Was net revenue up or down compared to last year? If it was up, awesome! You should likely expect to be paying more tax in April. Start saving now, so that you don’t have a huge tax bill surprise!


And now… one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions- eating better and losing weight!!!

Nutrition + Weight loss

Again, I’m not too proud to say I know my limitations and this is not my New Years Resolutionsforte. My sweet friend and mastermind coach Erica Jennings is one of my favorite people to follow when it comes to learning how to eat better! She’s got some amazing pointers when it comes to being successful in your nutrition and weight loss journey in the new year!

Eat more protein.

Protein has a bigger thermogenic effect, meaning it burns more calories while being digested than fats and carbs do. So, when you eat your three larger meals and your two snacks every day, make sure you have a protein with each one. 

Focus on sustainability and balance

Don’t live off a restriction list. Cutting out food groups isn’t the way to go. Your meals should be balanced with fats, carbs, and protein, leave you feeling full and satisfied AND you should be able to enjoy your sweet treat and fun foods from time to time, too. (As my friend Nicki Entenmann says- “everything in moderation, including moderation.” Enjoy your food!)

Eat nutrient-dense foods.

These are foods filled with fiber and protein. My favorite way to fill the nutritional gaps is with fiber-rich superfood smoothies (you can find my favorites HERE). Fiber helps regulate your blood sugar response in your body, ultimately leading to improved health overall.

Don’t live by the scale.

Track your progress with measures other than the scale. Did you exercise more this week? Do your jeans just fit better or feel better? This is progress. Keep track of it. Keep a journal or even a note in your phone of these wins that will help fuel you on the more difficult days.

Don’t those seem like more sustainable nutrition resolutions than “lose 10 pounds”? I personally use the shakes Erica mentioned and they’re super helpful and filling!

If you’re like me and need a little more accountability or direction with your nutrition + weight loss journey, you can also check out Nicki’s program HERE!

Happy New Year, my friend! Cheers to the best year yet!

New Year, New Planner

That's the saying, right?? Check out this blog post about the Day Designer Planner!


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