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When I first moved to Denver, I remember being in awe of allllll the different types of food trucks. But it wasn’t until I came across Seventy West that I’d seen a boutique truck. 

Yep! You read that right — a mobile boutique! And although Seventy West may not be the only boutique truck in the area, it’s definitely my personal favorite. 

After following along the shop’s journey on Instagram for a while, and as a huge supporter of female-owned businesses, I knew I wanted to learn more about their story. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve gotten to know Laura and find out more about how Seventy West was born!

seventy west

How Did Seventy West Get Started?

I always knew I wanted my own store – my own creative space. After college, I worked in the corporate world for some time before jumping ship to work for a small business.

I worked as an interior design, workshop, and showroom manager which helped me gain experience working in an entrepreneurial small business space.

I felt a sudden “now or never” urge when I turned 30 and once I decided to open a mobile boutique there was no going back.


What year did you open Seventy West? 

I bought the truck in January 2017 and opened in May 2017.


Are you from Denver originally?

I am originally from Ohio.

I took highway 70W (get it, Seventy West!?) to Denver in 2008.


What made you want to have a boutique truck as opposed to a brick-and-mortar storefront?

seventy westI’m not stuck in one spot! I can move around the city and try out different locations and events and see what works best. I bring the truck to customers’ homes for private parties and style consultations.

The truck is a hard-to-forget experience and allows me to stand out in the competitive retail world. I also set my own hours and have relatively low overhead.


What’s your favorite aspect of running this business?

My customers.

There is no better feeling than being well received by your customers. Be it my business as a whole, a new line I’m carrying, or a specific piece that makes my customer feel beautiful.


Does your daughter like to be involved in your business?

She loves having her picture taken and loves being on the truck so yes I have plans of molding her into my little assistant someday – fingers crossed!!


How do you choose the items that go into your store?

I don’t do “fast fashion” or focus on trends. It’s style over fashion always.

My motto is “style forever” because I believe in offering pieces that will make the biggest impact in your closet. Investing in pieces that you can wear for many years is better for your wallet and the environment. And by the way, “investing” doesn’t have to equate to breaking the bank, just being more mindful of quality.

What are a few of your favorite pieces you have currently?

My favorite pieces are those that are high quality and stand the test of time. Styles that will stay in your closet from season to season, year over year.

The Stockport Coat checks all the boxes and is a customer favorite!

seventy west

I’ve seen that you do style consultations- What kind of tips can you give us about effortless style?

The first thing I do in style consultations is to help my clients assess what their ideal personal style is based on what their day-to-day looks like, their body shape, and their goals. Effortless style starts with the basics or what you might describe as your “capsule” wardrobe.

If money and time weren’t an option, where would your business be in 5-10 years?

I really enjoy having a small store of well-thought-out curated pieces. There are aspects of a brick & mortar store that are very appealing to me so I could see myself moving in that direction.

Overall, quality over quantity, so a small selection of ever-changing styles will always be the Seventy West way. Continuing to grow the online store is important to me, of course. If money and time were not an issue, my goals would be the same but probably with a lot less stress! (ha!)

Are there any causes that Seventy West supports?

Over the years I’ve participated in fundraisers for various organizations. I’ve donated proceeds to the Morgan Adams Foundation, Wishbone Foundation, and the NAACP to name a few.

It is a goal of mine to find a more permanent cause to support that aligns with the business.

seventy west

Shop Seventy West is one of my absolute favorite boutiques in Denver! Make sure you follow Laura and the Shop Seventy West team on Instagram and shop online HERE

Shop now!

Seventy West is dropping their spring collection and you don't want to miss it!


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