How to Save Time By Planning Your Social Media Content


How to Save Time By Planning Your Social Media Content

“HOW IN THE WORLD am I supposed to be able to keep up with posting every day?! I never know what to talk about, it takes me forever to write a caption, and I’m not a creative writing pro… I’ll think of something to post later. Tomorrow… Maybe.”

Sound familiar…? 

Planning your social media content, having an organized content management system, and creating social media content pillars take the stress off of you and help you show up more consistently. 

Have you ever wondered how you can possibly keep up and be consistent with showing your face on social? That’s where your content strategy comes in! 

After you read this, you’re going to feel so relieved because you’ll be able to create a plan for your content! (that doesn’t require you to write it

Being organized and prepared are major ways to save yourself a little bit of time and a wholeeee lot of stress! (okay… maybe a whole lot of time, too!)

Let’s talk about a few things that I often hear people say when they talk about why social media is so overwhelming.

“I don’t know what to post!” 

You actually just might surprise yourself that you have more ideas than you think! There are two main questions I want you to ask yourself when it comes to creating your social media content pillars. 

  1. What do I enjoy talking about? 
  2. (And this one is the MOST important) What can I talk about that my audience wants to hear? How can I serve and add value to them? 

So, what exactly do I mean by pillars? Let’s chat about that first!

Social Media Content Pillars

Content pillars for social media simply means having general categories that you post about frequently. These can be a wide range of things, from the product you sell to your favorite recipes. 

I’d recommend thinking of 4-5 broad topics you can rotate through when you’re posting. Some ideas of content pillars you could use are: 

  • Mom-hacks
  • Business 
  • Your product
  • Recipesplanning social media content
  • Home organization
  • Travel
  • Marriage
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Workouts
  • Encouragement
  • Craft ideas
  • Tech how-tos 
  • Amazon finds
  • Sales + deals on your fave websites

The list can go on and on. 

Next, I want you to take those content pillars and think of 5 more specific things you can talk about relating to that pillar. For example, if your pillar is a healthy lifestyle, maybe your post ideas would be an easy dinner idea, a shake you love, your family on a bike ride, a snack your kids love, and how you meal prep. 

These could all be really valuable to your audience, and it’s something you enjoy! Win/win! 

“Okay great, I’m going to come up with all these ideas, but how do I keep it all organized?!” There are a few different ways! 

How to Organize Social Media Content

The first way is the tried-and-true Post-it note brainstorming method. This strategy is super easy (and colorful)!

In my true type-A ways, I like to use different colors for different things, but you can really make this one your own! 


planning social media content

Use one color to write out your 4-5 social media content pillars. 

Then, use one color for each pillar and write out your 5 content ideas for each one.


There ya go! You’ve got 20-25 posts ideas! 

For those of you who like a more electronic version, you can use a Trello board to organize all of your ideas! 

Personally, I really love using Trello as a content management system. It allows me to keep all of my ideas in one place! 

If you’ve never used Trello before, it’s basically a list-keeper. 

For each of your content pillars, create a list on your board. Then as you think of ideas for each pillar (or as they randomly pop into your head) put them in a card on that list. 

If you have no idea where to start with making a content creation board on Trello, not to worry! I’ve created a template just for you! Download it here

Having an organized social media content creation system helps you have an idea bank for when it’s time to post. Speaking of time, have you ever said this…? 


“I don’t have time to post every day!”

Do you feel like you waste a lot of time sitting in front of your phone thinking of *just* the right words to say? 

Friend, I totally understand! I also want to be really intentional with my time. 

The good news is- there’s a better way! 

Having a content strategy for your social posts is where you’re going to save a huge bulk of time! This is what’s called batching. 


How to Plan Social Media Content:

Take the post ideas that you came up with when you listed out your social media content pillars. Then, find your favorite social media scheduling app! 

Take an hour or two one day, write 4-5 captions that go along with the topics from your content pillars, and schedule them for when you want them to post! 

Personally, I use Planoly to schedule my Instagram content, but there are other programs you can use, too. 

Having a social media content creation strategy and planning that social media content helps you stay organized and consistent. The real value of that is that you’re confidently showing up in front of your potential clients. You’re letting them know you’re “open” for business! 


“I’m not a good enough writer.” 

I have more good news! What you write about is far more important than how well you write. 

You just need to write captions that sound authentic. When people read it, does it sound like you? Or does it sound fake and cheesy? 

planning social media contentPeople can read riiiiight through the fake + cheesy! 

Again, make sure you’re talking about topics that your audience can relate to. 

Things they want to read about. 

That’s where you’re going to catch their attention, reel them in, and make them trust you. 

If you want to read more about copywriting and how to write catchy captions, make sure you check out this blog post


Planning your social media content and having a content creation system in place can make social media a lot less scary. You don’t have to spend hours on end writing the perfect caption or feel like you have to have a degree in creative writing for people to want to read what you’re saying. Focus on adding value, serving, and being yourself! By creating a social media content management system, you’ll gain confidence showing up for your audience!

This week, I want to challenge you to go through this system and create 4 social media posts! Then, tag me in an Instagram story about your process, or tag me in one of your posts! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! (IG handle: 

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links where I may earn a small commission if you choose to purchase. Everything I recommend, I use and trust personally!

Keep your content organized!

This Trello board template is the perfect tool to help you stay organized as you create your content!


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